Department of Medical Toxicology


[Scorpion] The Department of Medical Toxicology operates one of the busiest inpatient medical toxicology services in the United States, admitting and consulting on over 1,100 patients annually. We treat many toxicologic exposures ranging from accidental ingestions of medications and household chemicals in children to intentional ingestions of a wide variety of substances. We also see substance abuse and withdrawal syndromes in addition to occupational exposures and adverse drug reactions. More unique to our geographic location is the large number of envenomation exposures.

[Blacktail] Most admissions are referred from hospitals around the state. The Department maintains an extensive inventory of antidotes and has a division of laboratory services for clinical drug testing for inpatients. A clinic provides limited outpatient services and independent medical examinations by appointment.

Services Provided

A medical toxicologist is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for patient referrals and consultations. Healthcare providers may call 602-253-3334 for inpatient consultations at BUMCP or PCH, or phone consultations at other facilities.